I am a conceptual multi-disciplinary artist, living and working in Tel Aviv. Over the last several years I exhibited various new media art works – from photography to video works, computer art, sound installations and texts – first as part of the Israeli based artists group "Saloona" and then by myself.
My work deals mainly with my interpretation of scenes and events surrounding me, or conceptual ideas I am challenged by. It often translates into lyric expressions of visual work combined with texts and storytelling – by visuals or sounds.

Solo Exhibitions
2009 Incoming Calls, Rehovot City Gallery Photography, painting, sound & video

Selected Group Exhibitions
2011 “Haifa Walks”, Group Exhibition, Haifa Museum of Art (video, sound)
2010 “Spaces”, Group Exhibition, WIZO Gallery Haifa (video, sound, installation, photography)
2010 “Other Ego”, Group Exhibition, CCA Tel Aviv (video)
2009 “Interim Space”, Video Art Event, Tel Aviv (video and sound)
2009 “Yellow”, Urbanix Gallery, Tel Aviv (painting)
2008 Nisui Kelim #6, Art Festival, Tel Aviv (sound installation)
2008 “Dark Room”, Saloona, Tel Aviv (photography)
2007 “First Home”, Rishon Letzion city gallery (sound installation)
2007 “Reserved for the critic”, Ramla city gallery (painting)
2006 “Dark Matter”, Saloona (video work)
2005 “Rashut Harabim”, Outdoor Art Event, Jaffa (drawing and text installation)

2008 Yehoshua Rabinowitz foundation, Nisui Kelim #6

2011 MFA, Haifa university
2009 Film studies, Tel Aviv university
2006 Writing and text studies, ALMA Tel Aviv
2004 Graphic Design studies, Ascola
2000 MA studies General Literature, Tel Aviv University
1998 BA Literature and Linguistics, Tel Aviv University